Because we love TV Shows!

We’re proud to introduce you to iShows, a whole new way of managing your favorite TV Shows.

iShows reviews

Sort your shows, the right way

You can sort by date, by name, or drag your favorite TV Shows to get the order you always wanted.

Don't search, Find!

Find the series you like by searching by name or just look what TV Shows are currently trending.

Choose your theme: Dark or Light

Use the Light theme in daylight and turn to Dark theme at night while you update your info on the couch!

Customize your app

Switch between two layouts: Poster and Fan Art.

You can also change the images of your TV Shows in both views.

Keep track of all your episodes.

Just tap the last one you've seen and all previous episodes will be marked as watched too.

And many more features!

Download iShows, now in the App Store.