You just added a TV show, let's say, Mr. Robot, on your iPhone. You watch the awesome pilot and mark it as seen. A few days later, you are so comfortable on your couch that you decide to mark the second Mr. Robot episode as watched from your iPad. So you grab it, open iShows and you see that Mr. Robot is not there...

Why? That may seem like really inconvenient and we absolutely agree that the ideal solution would be to automatically add or remove every TV Show that has been added or removed from other iOS devices. The problem about that is that it would add a super crazy layer of complexity that would make iShows behave in unexpected ways. You would probably open iShows and start seeing a lot of TV Shows added or removed that you might not expect. Sync is hard, really hard. It's very easy to do it wrong. Simple is better.

How do you add Mr. Robot on your iPad? You can do it in different ways. You can simply search for it or go to your page where you'll see a list of all your TV shows available to track. Simply add the ones you want to track in iShows and your watched state will be automatically up-to-date.

Once you have the TV show added to every iOS device, you can mark episodes as watched from every iOS device and you'll see the changes in the other devices. Easy right?

Remember the following two rules for a happy sync experience:

When does iShows sync? It'll sync automatically when you open the app. But remember that opening the app is not the same that bringing the app to foreground. iShows will sync every now and then so you don't have to worry. Most of the times you will open the app and you'll see the changes there, but if you want to force a sync update, you only have to pull to refresh.

Remember! The first time you connect your account you will lose all your local watched state and it will be replaced with the information coming from Don't worry, that will only be the first time and you will benefit from all the social features will bring into iShows.

Enjoy iShows from every iOS device.