S01E46 - Usagi's Eternal Wish: A Brand New Life



Sailor Moon arrives in the throne room to challenge Queen Beryl. Under Beryl's orders, Endymion attacks Sailor moon. She refuses to fight and instead pleads with him to remember his true self and their former love. Endymion recovers his memory just in time to block a spear thrown by Beryl and dies in the crumbling throne room as Sailor Moon cries. Queen Beryls flees to Metalia, and they combine their powers to become the terrifying Super Queen Beryl. Calling upon the power of the Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon becomes Princess Serenity, and the final showdown begins. Just as the Super Queen seems to be winning, the spirits of the dead Sailor Warriors surround Serenity and lend her their power. Beryl is defeated in an energy blast that engulfs the entire Dark Kingdom. As Serenity dies, she wishes that everything could be the way it used to be... back when she was a normal teen with no super powers and no great destiny. As the Earth returns to normal, the Sailor Warriors appear as

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