S01E01 - Episode 1



Will Han be able to go after İnci? In the trailer, which also shows Inci saying goodbye to Han, the trailer shows her staying between the burden of "keeping her family together and connecting them to life" and the call of love. Carrying the burden of “keeping his family together and connecting to life” until he meets İnci, what will Han do in the face of the call of love? Will he be able to let go even if his inner voice says "go after" İnci? Can love overcome traumas? Living with her guardian grandfather and brother, İnci's life will change with an accident she made. Han and his family full of big secrets await him in the accident that İnci is involved in. The biggest fear of Han's sisters Safiye and Gülben whose life is full of obsessions, is losing their sibling. Will Love keep İnci and Han from breaking apart despite everything? Will love win this war against the Derenoğlu family?

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